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Surcle is an ever-evolving community of engineers, inventors, and doers. We believe that just one idea can sprout into countless others, branching out and changing the world in currently unimaginable ways.




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Surcle.io is an online, crowd-engineering platform where engineers and innovators collaborate and compete in challenges from corporations, startups, and institutions with a focus on electronics and manufacturing. The Surcle community helps Challenge Sponsors bring new products to market faster, discover new ways to solve R&D objectives, access talented engineers outside of their network, and provides challenge management and innovation support. Surcle partners work directly with our innovation strategists to develop challenges and select reward the best crowd based solutions. Pricing for our partners is a predictable, all-inclusive flat fee based off total prize budgets.

Latest Challenges

Zollner Elektronik AG seeks an IoT solution that brings new software, capable of being used as a messaging server that delivers seamless communication between any industrial …read more.



Smart Bearing IoT Integration

The Internet of Things has created a revolution within electronics. These days, everything from kitchen appliances to million-dollar machinery is being outfitted to keep up with this move…read more!