Industrial Multi-Protocol Converter


Sponsored by Zollner Elektronik AG 

Zollner Elektronik AG seeks an IoT solution that brings new software, capable of being used as a messaging server that delivers seamless communication between any industrial …read more.

The Clean Sweep


Sponsored by Sourceability

Do you have an idea for a product that could revolutionize household cleaning appliances? Have you ever been frustrated with existing technology that doesn’t quite hit the mark…read more!

Next Generation Sit & Stand Desk Controller


Sponsored by Smartfurniture

After successfully running their first challenge with, Smartfurniture GmbH is seeking more solutions from the crowd as they build further on their crowd-engineering …read more!

Smart Bearing IoT Integration

Sponsored by Surcle

The Internet of Things has created a revolution within electronics. These days, everything from kitchen appliances to million-dollar machinery is being outfitted to keep up with this move…read more!

Cargo Drone Build

Sponsored by Airbus

Drone technology is needed to drastically improve the speed of critical cargo delivery. For this challenge, solution providers design and demonstrate the benefits of a drone of their …read more.

Innovative Services Using Smart Light Poles

Sponsored by enelX

A challenge is developed to bring IoT innovation to a municipal lighting solution provider operating globally. This challenge only requires written proposals… read more.