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Surcle.io is an online, crowd-engineering platform where engineers and innovators collaborate and compete in challenges from corporations, startups, and institutions with a focus on electronics and manufacturing. 

The Surcle community helps Challenge Sponsors bring new products to market faster, discover new ways to solve R&D objectives, access talented engineers outside of their network, and provides challenge management and innovation support. 

Sponsorship Available

Surcle offers a variety of sponsorship packages that meet your needs and budget.

Seek Sponsorship

Seek Sponsorship

We understand the trials and tribulations of upcoming startups, and want to empower them to achieve their goals.

In collaboration with our business partnerships, we offer funding opportunities for those promising startups that are on the cusp of a breakthrough.



Our Innovation team is always on the lookout for ground breaking new technology, initiatives, and promising startups.

As a Co-Sponsor, you get the unique opportunity to co-create in a fully vetted and structured challenge with industry leaders, venture initiatives, and startups.



Our Challenge Design team carefully curates and crafts your requirements in a competition based format that is both engaging and technically sound for our community to participate in.

Challenges can be as simple as new product ideation or as complex as decentralized full-scale manufacturing.

Challenge Services


Challenge Design

Our Innovation team works with you to craft the problem statement, the challenge timeline, and suggest an appropriate prize amount based on complexity.


Challenge Hosting

Challenges are hosted on the Surcle platform which is built on Amazon Web Services, and can be accessed online via any device.


Crowd Development

Our community team builds and nurtures our crowd of vetted experts to ensure that the best experts are engaged for your challenge.